World 4: Awakening

World 4: Awakening

Seventeen-year-old Mayla has been stuck for years on board one of eight Colony ships holding the last of the world’s civilization. Three potential planets have come and gone, all unusable failures, when finally, they arrive at planet four. Mayla can’t believe her eyes as she steps foot onto land for the first time in eight years. The air is fresh, the sky is blue. Everything is perfect.

Mayla begins to explore the planet with her team, encountering more adventure in their new world than she ever experienced in her near-decade on board the Colony. But trouble arises as Arison, an ex-government hit-man from the neighboring Colony, enacts his long-planned revenge. His people come for Mayla on her expedition and force her into the race of her life. Escaping death and facing evil, Mayla runs through an alien world, fighting to get back and save her Colony from destruction.

Not only does Mayla find new courage and inner strength, she learns deep secrets of the planet more incredible than she ever imagined.


Debbie Moyes




  • ISBN-10: 0596006810
  • ISBN-13: 978-0596006815
  • # of Pages: 298

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