Wards and Rumors of Wards

Wards and Rumors of Wards

As one of the most influential and beloved authors of the Southwest, Marsha Ward has inspired a generation of writers through her teaching, writing, and mentoring. This anthology contains fourteen remarkable short stories, all dedicated to celebrating the founder of the American Night Writers Association. Fans of romance, fantasy, thrillers and more will adore the tales in this curated collection, each with a word-smith character named after ANWA's favorite Marsha.

From a freeway traffic jam to the Jungle of Doom, in a surprising veterinary clinic or the lost city of Atlantis, we invite you back to the past and into the future to discover ANWA's Wards & Rumors of Wards.

Contributing authors include Susan Cady Allred, Donald J. Carey, Jamie Hixon, T. M. Holladay, DeAnn Ogden Huff, Rebecca Irvine, Randy Lindsay, Stephanie Ann Morris, Grace Cady Naegle, L. G. Rollins, Tina Scott, Anneka Walker, Jill E. Warner, and Marsha Ward herself.


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  • Thursday, 15 August 2019
  • # of Pages: 386 pages

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