The Siege of Kwennjurat


The Siege of Kwennjurat

Alone in Kwenndara, Princess Tanella cares for the refugees from war-torn Jurisse, while she worries about her loved ones' safety. Her new husband Fergan is two days away in Renthenn, coordinating the business of two kingdoms.

Kings Jameisaan and Fergasse join forces in Jurisse to pursue the war against the Black Army. They know Liammial hasn't played his last card, and are willing to give their lives to protect their people and their children. 

Who will triumph and claim the throne of Kwennjurat?


Scott Ashby




  • ISBN-10: 1-940311-17-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-940311-17-3
  • # of Pages: 332

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