Sunrise Over Scipio

Sunrise Over Scipio


Everything changes in that split second second of lost concentration for rodeo queen Tamsin Tucker. She lays her horse down at a barrel, crushing her leg. She wakes up to a whole new reality. Now, stuck in a small town called Scipio, she will have to put her life back together without her playboy rodeo clown husband.

Travis Mayfield has ghosts of his own, driving him to become Scipio's only doctor. He and his nurse, Sarah, slowly bring Tamsin back to life. But what kind of existence could it be for a one-legged rodeo queen? Tamsin sets off to find answers. Travis and Sarah look for, and find, their own.



H. Linn Murphy




  • ISBN-10: 0596006810
  • ISBN-13: 978-0596006815
  • # of Pages: 257

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