A summerhouse isn’t usually the place to pick up cute girls. Jack Harris, curator of the Pennington Estate for England’s National Trust, not only meets a girl where he works, but she is the famous Pennington heiress, missing for two hundred years. Somehow their lives collide in the gazebo after dark. Jack soon finds he can’t get Charlotte and the mystery surrounding her life out of his head and heart.
Charlotte knows she can’t marry her parents’ choice—the man is doltish. She must tell them she wishes instead to marry an incorporeal man with the words “Do not disturb: I’m disturbed enough already” written on what appears to be his undershirt.
Jack can’t impress Charlotte’s unbending parents without scaring them witless, as they think he is a ghost. Jack pursues her across Europe, racing time itself and hoping to catch her when she falls.
But time can be unpredictable.


H. Linn Murphy




  • ISBN-13: 978-1-59992-964-4
  • # of Pages: 259

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