Rift Watcher

Rift Watcher

Sixteen-year- old Onnie Nayir, isn’t sure what she wants in life, but she is sure what she doesn’t want, and attending the Interplanetary Alliance’s Academy is at the top of that list.

Chief Medical Officer Darragh Conally has issues. And secrets. As Onnie determinedly worms her way into his life, attempting to forge a friendship he doesn’t want, those secrets come dangerously close to being exposed.

To top it off, there’s something wrong with the relationship between the Galladirans and the Earthers. It’s all polite on the surface, but tension ripples underneath.

How long will it be until everything breaks wide open?


C R Simper




  • ISBN-10: 1-940311- 38-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-1- 940311-38- 8
  • # of Pages: 345

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