Monte's Misfits: Ten Kids -- No Kidding!

Monte's Misfits: Ten Kids -- No Kidding!

Welcome to the Cady home. Inside you’ll find ten kids, two parents, and: 

  • Howls of indignation when the same stinking brother wins again.
  • Mismatched and hand-me-down clothing.
  • Smashed corpses strewn around the bedroom.
  • Vomit. Oh so much vomit.
  • Haircuts from Hell.
  • Extreme measures to find peace and quiet.
  • Mealtimes to rival any Hunger Game.

Book one gave you a taste of our family. This one will fill you until you’re ready to burst … out laughing.


C. Cady Fowler, Peggy Cady Kendall, Mathew Cady, Susan Cady Allred, C.G. Cady Naegle




  • Wednesday, 19 September 2018
  • # of Pages: 102

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