JOURNALriffic- Turn Your Pain Into Purpose With 4 Steps of Discovery

JOURNALriffic- Turn Your Pain Into Purpose With 4 Steps of Discovery

Are you ready to put an end to negative thinking and destructive tendencies in yourself or your family line in order to enjoy more peace-of-mind and happiness? Are you ready to gain clarity and perspective quickly when the events of life are challenging and your emotions are taking center stage?

It's time to turn the tide of heartache and unresolved personal challenges toward igniting hope and seeing purpose in your personal capacity to create change. It's time to know how to regenerate and maintain feelings of happiness in yourself, your family and family lines (ancestors and descendants). 

JOURNALriffic™’s method of journaling, called the 4 Steps of Discovery, helps you lighten your burdens, ease your emotional pain and strengthen your worthwhile relationships. Empower yourself to know HOW to live a happier life today and leave your life story better than you found it. Follow the steps to consistently help, rather than hurt, yourself and others. Proactively develop attributes that strengthen thriving relationships and lead to happiness. Catch the vision of being TODAY’s ChangeMaker in your family line through the power of your positive influence. Zero in more specifically on those things you want to improve upon, so you can leave a living legacy of rising above obstacles in order to create positive growth in this generation.


Carolyn Calton




  • ISBN-10: 1980702691
  • ISBN-13: 978-1980702696
  • # of Pages: 119

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