Impressions of Innocence

Impressions of Innocence

Confused by Ron's beliefs and his mystic abilities to heal and to mind travel, Jenna Ogden must examine her own faith as she wrestles with Ron's claim that his life's mission is to save the world from evil. Yet, she cannot help being drawn to the compelling Ron Sundy.

Ron leads his religion, a mix of Indian lore, myth, and Christianity. He sees himself as the son of White Buffalo, whose rebirth will signal the end of the earth. His cousin, Erika, wants to dispose of Ron, and enthrone herself as spiritual leader of their tribe. Her interference disturbs Jenna, as Erika attempts to recruit Jenna into her dark schemes.

Jenna never dreamed she'd fall in love. She was waiting for Connor Young to return from his two-year Mormon mission and marry her. Impressions of Innocence is the story of love's pain and triumph as Jenna grows from a sheltered, naïve Mormon girl to a mature and wise woman in this story of love, deception and intrigue.


Jan Marie Martin




  • ISBN-10: 1-4107-6857-0
  • ISBN-13: 1-4107-6856-2
  • # of Pages: 386

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