Every year thousands of teens apply for neuroenhancement--or accceleration. A select few are chosen. With superhuman abilities to learn and analyze information, these accelerants are sought after by government and business leaders around the world. But there's a catch. Acceleration causes brain deterioration. Within twenty years, every one of them will be dead.

Sixteen-year-old Ami Evans and three other military cadets are given a six-month assignment to monitor the newest accelerants in Boulder, Colorado. Their goal is to discover everything they can about the acceleration program, but when one of their subjects dies on the day they arrive, they're thrust into a deadly conspiracy. Who killed the accelerant? What's their motive? And more importantly, who's next?


Wendy C. Jorgensen


  • ISBN-10: 1545304761
  • ISBN-13: 978-1545304761
  • # of Pages: 296

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